What should an gadget's primary function be?

Samsung's new Digimax digital cameras are a 6 megapixel camera first, with built in codecs for video playback second. They come with all the standard camera features, but then have headphone jacks and the ability to read and play xvid (a form of divx) files off memory cards. In the last year, cell phones have taken on more and more characteristics of almost every other portable technology, and now with this (and wireless capabilities) coming to cameras, we are starting to see convergence enter the camera market. It begs the question, is convergence really what we want - will companies work too hard to bring things together and not as hard at making the specific functions better? Not knowing what goes into this type of functionality, I'd rather see anti-shake, farther optical zoom, and other significant camera features hit ultra-compact cameras at lower price points, than to have something like video playback, which is likely to burn out the battery of my camera just before i actually find a picture i want to take.

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