Google Calendar is actually really useful

A few weeks ago Google released a calendar program, Google Calendar. I wasn't sure at first how much I might find the thing useful, because I've looked at other calendars and I simply don't share that much of a schedule with the rest of the world. But Google Calendar is useful for the reason Google is useful - it becomes so easy to find information. Think you don't have that many things to keep track of? Maybe not personally, but in a breeze you can add layer after layer of information onto your calendar, searchable, customizable, and optionally visable very easily. In no time I added calendar layers that show the phillies/mets baseball schedules, american/jewish holidays, new york events, job programs, birthdays, and more. You can look for public information calendars across the web, import from outlook or yahoo calendar, and more. You can also add events on the fly by typing something like "baseball game monday at 7" and the calendar will inteligently add the event. It's also integrated with Gmail so that if someone writes a similar line in an email to you, there's an "add to calendar" option. You can do event invites, through email also. Finally, you can share or publish any calendar with contacts, or to other services.

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