Controversial cartoons cause pro-Islamic hacking

"Approximately 800 Danish Web sites have been hacked since the end of January...Messages on the hacked sites include "don't ever
tallk [cq] about our prophet," "[expletive] Denmark," and "Let the
Muslim people live in peace [expletive]." Most of the hackers are "posting hate messages,"
Preatoni says, but there are exceptions. "In some examples, we actually
saw intelligent educated people who hacked and posted very polite
messages, explaining what they were thinking."...
Other worldwide hacking protests have flared up
in the past, including a surge in attacks after a U.S. spy plane was
downed in China in 2001. After the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq,
there was also a "massive Islamic protest" on the Internet, Preatoni
says...The reaction to the Danish cartoons, however, has yielded the largest number of defacements in such a short time"
[From PCWorld]