Brooke Burke and the Burger King King

The Burger King commercials with The King scoring touch downs and performing other amazing feats have become incredibly popular. Now they're taking to the internet to generate some buzz, along the lines of how they promoted their chicken sandwich years ago with "subserviant chicken". This time, Burger King is utilizing internet hot spots such as Google Video and YTMND ("your the man now dog").
Brooke Burke has shown up in two viral videos - one with her horse back riding with The King, and one with her getting lotioned up on the beach by The King. There have also been music slide shows and photos.

Here are the pictures and music slide shows:
picture set
music compilation 1
music compilation 2
The videos are pretty likely to be real viral marketing tools, since they had to be shot somehow; the pictures probably came from the filming; the music compilations on YTMND seem too wierd, and may just be patched together by fans.