Speaking Through Pictures

Digital Marketing Strategist Brad Kay has an interesting series going on over at his blog The Third Place called "Speaking Through Pictures."

This one in particular stood out to me... I tend to agree that the most interesting people are the ones that are the most interested in learning about other things.


The Rural Alberta Advantage at Pianos

One thing I really missed out on writing about in January was the night I headed over to Piano's (map) to see The Rural Alberta Advantage, a band I'd never heard of before outside of a recommendation by Fred Wilson.  There are several reasons why this was an awesome night:
  1. The RAA are awesome - I went from never listening to them to listening to them almost exclusively for the last month (check out Edmonton and The Ballad of RAA posted over on Tumblr by Fred Wilson)
  2. Piano's was a great place to see live music.  I went there at 10PM on a Tuesday, saw a pretty interesting opener The Loom that I'd also never heard of, and then a great show by The RAA. The small room was packed to the edges, but it wasn't so bad.  The crowd is there for the music, which is something you just can't say anymore about the crowds at Webster Hall etc., and even when you're in the back you really aren't very far from the stage.  Pianos is the kind of place I want to see more bands at, and spend more time at.  It's nights like these that make me love music again.
  3. I actually ended up getting to meet Fred Wilson, a venture capitalist / New York & new music evangelist who's reading I've been absorbing diligently for the last few years.  I wasn't the only one who ended up at the concert because of him, but he was happy to meet everyone - and a lot of us ended up trading stories about the concert the next day right on his blog.
You can check out a few more videos I took of Rural Alberta Advantage over on YouTube.

My Personal Blogging Hiatus

I've been silent for a over a month now on my personal blog k.b.skobac - it wasn't necessarily intentional, but it's just that I've been dedicating my time to different projects.  For starters, as the recession has slowly taken over my company as much as others, it seems like everyone has more work to do (in addition to leading the online planning for the Office Of National Drug Control Policy, I am also now on Fisher Price Friends and Patanase Nasal Spray).  Also, I've been spending time writing for another project that I hope gets unveiled soon - I'm excited about it.  In the mean time, I really want to get back to writing more here again, about non-work related things.