Shakespeare in the Parking Lot

Last night I went to see Twelfth Night performed by Shakespeare in the Park(ing) Lot. The theater troupe has been performing Shakespeare plays in Parking lots with the permission of the NYC Transit for 15 years; they perform in an active parking lot, picking up the set and pausing the action as cars come in and out (it only happened once while I was there), they store their set at a bar across the street, and they jokingly report that refreshments have been arranged at the McDonalds and Popeye’s around the corner. The shows are done with minimal props and given a little bit of modern interpretation, with one or to New York City references and some songs on guitar added in.

If you’re looking for an entertaining and different night out – grab some food and head to the parking lot early to grab the few lawn chairs they have (we arrived around 7 and we some of the first to arrive for the 8pm show); you’ll enjoy it, and for the price of a requested donation, you can’t beat it.

See more pictures of the night here, poorly taken from my camera phone

check out more details and the upcoming shows