Websites Becoming Like Movie Releases

Tumblr v3

I'm waiting for a new version of Tumblr on November 1st (see above graphic).

I'm waiting for an announcement from Google about a new open social platform on November 5th.

I'm waiting for an announcement from Facebook on a new ad platform on November 6th.

Everyone's making announcements about their announcements to come.

Oh and October 29th Hulu will be (privately) opened. Hulu is Fox and NBC's YouTube competitor. It's really a different beast all together, since there is no user generated content. Instead, it's a syndicated platform to bring their collective content to the web in a major way. Soon you'll be able to choose episodes from shows, watch them in high quality streaming online, and connect to them across a number of platforms. You can't download, you can't archive, but it will be a start of a valuable online television offering from the major broadcast networks. Here is the list of shows that will be available in the beginning.

Hulu embeded video of Heroes episode 5 courtesy of DownloadSquad

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