Facebook use

So in line with my post yesterday proposing that Facebook turn itself into a more full featured start page with search and customized news feeds, today there's discussion on Hitwise about social network site growth and Comscore on repeat visitors. You'll notice that Facebook is second in market share of social networks (February 2007), but it has the top spot in several important categories: the average user goes to Facebook 9.4 days a month, uses the site 23.6 times a month, and goes 2.5 times a day (MySpace is 8.6, 18.9, and 2.2 on these stats respectively). This speaks to a more loyal or addicted audience. What would be more interesting is to see the results when they aren't skewed by the once a month user or the initial sign up user - how often does the average person visit a social network if they're a consistent user, someone who goes for a few months consecutively. Ten times a day? 200 times a month?

A bigger suprise - Bebo time spent blows all other sites out of the water - the average user spends 302.7 minutes a month on Bebo, in only 12.2 visits monthly (as apposed to Facebook, which is next highest at 199.9 minutes over the 23.6 visits monthly).

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