The Good and Bad of Verizon Wireless

I usually have nothing good to say about phone services. They are expensive, they stiff you with unfair charges, they bill you for air time when someone steals your phone They cut out when you need to make a call. They don't make it easy to get a phone that actually works.

Verizon in particular has its ups and downs. It gets service in crazy upstate New York places where no other service connects. However, as a marketer, they're a horrendous to work with, since they won't do SMS text or download programs with vendors that utilize other carriers. Their elitist closed door policy promotes bad business practice.

However, with all the criticism, I should say when they do something right - last weekend a representative from Verizon called my mother to tell her how she could rework her phone plan to save money. She said that her kids (my brother and I) were using three times as many text messages as our plan provides, and that we hadn't gone over our phone minutes in years. She suggested lowering our family minutes plan, and buying a bigger text message package. All in all it would net $5 higher as a plan, but save in $30 plus of overage fees monthly. The changes were made right away.

This is the kind of move that may seem like it shorts Verizon in the present, but this type of service is what would keep someone from changing carriers. Now we just need everything else corrected as well.

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