Switching from Bloglines to Google Reader


I'm switching from Bloglines to Google Reader for a period of time, to see if it helps in reading way too many RSS feeds.  Why do I think it will help?  There are so many ways to burn through the hoard of information that pours in every day:
  • River of news view that shows headlines in a list for quick viewing
  • Integration with google personalized start page for quick reading of new articles
  • interesting 'next' feature that lets you use a bookmark on your browser to fly to the 'next' article by loading that website directly in your browser
It also offers one click sharing of posts in a public blog clippings  page, article tagging, and alerts of new blog postings by only revealing feeds that have been updated since you last read.  So we'll see how this goes.  Anyone using an RSS reader that they love?

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