Google Maps Mobile has traffic reports

Google released a new Google Maps Mobile version that offers up to date traffic reporting directly on the map.  This is awesome if you drive, have WAP, and a phone that supports this service.  Unfortunately Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon, and a few other small carriers, even if you DO have a technologically capable phone, aren't capable of managing to run this application, which significantly cuts down its usefulness to a large number of cellphone users. 
On a related note, I'm beginning to hate Verizon for their insistance on not allowing any 3rd party interaction with their subscribers.  I wonder how difficult they have to make it before people start leaving their service?  It will probably not happen until we are all using are phones for MUCH more than talking - when services also dictate what we ultimately consider valuable in a phone.  For the time being, as long as they have the most reliable network, its hard to turn away.