AOL brings free tv to the web

AOL has launched a free tv service for the web on their AOL.com portal, called In2TV. It's in beta, so there are glitches, and it seems to only work on Internet Explorer. There is advertising built in, with pre-roll and mid-roll video spots, but for the most part its free, on demand, television in decent quality. The content includes a random collection of old shows so far, among them the original "The Fugutive" tv show, "Perfect Strangers", "Batman" the original cartoon, "Wonder Woman", and "Pinky The Brain". You can receive alerts when new television is available via IM or email, and there are random features such as Karaoke, where you sing along to theme songs. As far as I know, this is the most complete free content on the web to date, and is a direct challenge to other television networks to provide something similar.

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